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Welcome to the ‘new’ Horizon

“In these uncertain/unprecedented times.”

“Now more than ever.”

“We’re all in this together.”

These are the refrains of our new reality. Zoom is how we hold meetings with colleagues and happy hour with friends.

We are online with students, communicating fleetingly with video conferencing tools but mostly by email.

Facebook and social media have become the go-to for family updates and connections. Memes are how we cope and find humor in “this thing of ours.”

These are indeed unprecedented times.

Here at the Horizon student newspaper, the decision to go online was always in the conversation, but COVID-19 made us voice it out loud and adapt to actually doing it… like, RIGHT NOW.

Feeling like the Whos in “Horton Hears a Who!” we are raising our collective voice to let you know: “We are here… we are here … WE ARE HEEERE!”

As advisor to the Horizon since January 2013, I have seen many changes and we seem to have weathered them all, so far.

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