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March on Seth Fleetwood

People are angry. There’s anger in the streets of Bellingham like I have never seen before. It almost feels like the city has reached a boiling point, and a whole lot of ugliness is about to bubble up and spill out. Several times it looked like violence would erupt on March 13, 2021 during a march from Lowell Elementary to the house of Seth Fleetwood, the current Mayor of Bellingham.

Many of the protestors are the same people who showed up to protest the clearing of Camp 210 back in January. In fact, the protesters had three demands which they posted on the Bellingham Occupied Protest Mutual Aid Instagram account (bopmutualaid). First they demanded amnesty for everyone arrested at the Camp 210 sweep on January 28. Second they demanded permanent housing for the homeless, and third an end to all sweeps of homeless camps.

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