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L’editor: It feels like we only go backwards

By Apple Parry

When President Donald Trump ran for office, his campaign slogan and anxiety-inducing hats read, “Make America Great Again.” Allow me to translate what it actually says: “I want all my straight white male privilege back.”
On May 8, under the Trump administration, Alabama’s female mayor passed a law banning abortions no matter the circumstances. This includes incest and sexual assault.
On top of that, any doctor who performs an abortion could be sentenced to up to 99 years in prison.
However, if this is the first you’re hearing of this, you’re bound to be unaware that legislators have been doing their best to chip away at abortion rights since they became legal. Continue reading

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Abortion Sparks Debate

Show The Truth Washington, an anti-abortion advocacy group, made its way to Whatcom Community College’s Syre Student Center courtyard the morning of Wednesday, November 10.  A group of about 11 students, most home schooled, where there to show the effects of abortion, not just for babies but for women as well.  One student, Clara Vincent, 16, of Hoquiam, Washington, said that she got involved with Show The Truth Washington because her parents have taught her that “every life is precious” and feels that she is “helping every life.”


Since they are a controversial group, negative responses are not unusual.  “Yes, we get violence,” Vincent says.  “The other day they bashed up the signs.” When asked about what the group does when faced with violence Vincent says, “we just keep quiet.”


However, among all the negative responses, Show The Truth Washington does positive responses.  “Some are really negative and some are positive,” Vincent says.  “It’s cool all the responses we get.”


Show The Truth Washington will be visiting other college campuses all week.  Their next campus visit is Western Washington University.

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