Council notes


 Batiste as Vice President

The council voted unanimously to re-elect Chandler Batiste as AS vice president.

Only a majority of votes is needed for election.

 Club Reports

The Skeptics Club proposal for recognition passed. They will hold meetings in Syre 104 on Wed. 4-5 p.m.

 Next Years Budget passed

The student council voted on and passed next years Budget led by Chairman Lea Thompson, after a month of discussions over details. The Budget will now fall into the hands of the administration that will pass it, unless they have significant concerns in which case it will go back to the council for redesign.

 Upcoming Events

Young Americans for Liberty is having their first organized event on June 7 at 3:00 pm in the Syre Auditorium. There will be a presentation on the documentary “Freedom to Facism”,  local activist speakers, and food.

 Orca Day is June 9 at 11 am.

 May 26 Holocaust survivor Noemi Ban will be speaking at Whatcom in the Heiner Auditorium at 11 am.

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Council Notes

Petition to re-open a revamped CDC

Current Child Development Center employee Sean Donoghue-Neider attended this week’s meeting to inform the student council and Trish Onion, who sat in as well, about the petition he has created for a possible re-opening of a new CDC in the future. It is to gauge how many students would be willing to raise the student activities fee $5 to go towards a fund that will lead to the re-opening of a different CDC. The petition is not legally official yet, but Onion is looking into whether it is a possibility.

 New AS President

 Brad Widman was voted next year’s AS president. He won by a majority of 80 percent.

 Next year’s budget announced

 There was more discussion about next year’s AS budget. Next week at the May 12 student council meeting, students will vote on whether to pass it or not.

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Council Notes

SAL Lab move a go

The move of the SAL computer lab from Cascade Hall to Heiner Center is getting closer to fruition. Wiring of the new location in Heiner has begun, with the move scheduled for three to four weeks after spring quarter ends. Twenty new laptops will be purchased for the lab at a cost of $27,000, and an effort to get several small TV sets and a color copier for the new lab is in the works. The council is still in the process of suggesting features for the new laptops, based on student feedback.

Council to vote on funds for Japanese Visual Culture Club

The Japanese visual culture club is requesting $1700 for the Sakura con conference April 2 through April 4. If granted by the council the funds will cover the expenses of transportation, food, lodging and the cost of the convention tickets per person. The club wants to send nine of its members to the conference. The funds will come from the section of the budget for conferences, which has $4500.

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Council Notes


The Dance Club has been created at Whatcom. Students will be able to attend the club as a source for information on modern dance. The club hopes to collaborate with the Western Washington University Dance Club, and eventually start a dancing degree program here at Whatcom.


A Comm. Club representative has been approved to receive $500 to attend the International Conference for Social Science in Hawaii during early June.


The Technology Committee is planning to buy 20 new desk-top computers for the new location of the SAL computer lab in Heiner after the summer quarter. In addition, students will be able to rent laptops from the lab using their student I.D. cards.

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Council Notes

Student Technology Committee


A new committee on the ASWCC has been formed to propose and institute helpful technological services around campus. Constituents are encouraged to contact ASWCC members about suggestions.

Deadline for budget requests


WCC clubs and organizations must complete their budget requests by February 19. Budget hearing deliberations will be on March 8.

Music club wants equipment

The music club is interested in having access to musical equipment on campus, including electrical devices, amps, and a drumset. The equipment is currently under lock-and-key, and concerns have been raised about potential liability issues.

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