Council Notes

Digital sign in Syre
A motion was made to spend roughly $12,000 on a new digital sign to be placed in Syre Student Center. To be voted on May 23.

New Computers in Student Life Office
A motion was made to spend $1,024 on two new computers for the Student Life Office as they will have two new executive council members next year. To be voted on May 23.

Constituent Concern
One student asked that the jokes written on the white board in front of Student Life be “more funny.” Student Life employees have now switched to writing classy pickup lines, although not because of this request.

Higher One
Nate Langstraat came to discuss the switch to using Higher One, a company which will be handling all of Whatcom’s financial aid. Students will now have the choice of receiving a Whatcom Choice card, putting financial aid checks in a different account, or receiving paper checks by mail. Higher One will be in effect come this summer quarter.

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Council Notes

Money Motion for Business Club

A money motion was passed to give the Business Club $956.56 to attend an Accounting and
Financial Seminar.

Money Motion for Finals Relief

A money motion was passed to spend $1200 on Spring Quarter Finals Relief.

Students of Color Conference Update

Student Council members who attended the Students of Color Conference shared their
experiences at the conference as well as the importance and impact the conference had on them.

Constituent Concern

A student reported that classroom BKR 102 needs a new projector.

Constituent Concern

A student reported that the vending machine in Heiner Hall is out of order.

Updated By-laws

Executive student council members edited the by-laws and job descriptions for the executive
positions, which were passed.

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Council Notes

Money motion for Finals Relief

A money motion was made to use $850 to buy food for finals relief, which will happen March 18-21. Motion was approved March 14.


Club Summit Questionnaire

Responses to a club summit questionnaire were reviewed. Council members recommended that most of the issues clubs experience can be resolved in the club handbook. Promotion of clubs and events was discussed.


Money Motion for Council Bonding Day

A money motion was passed to use $150 for food and supplies for Student Council Bonding Night.


New ASWCC President

Chamdra Thompson announced that she will not be attending Whatcom next quarter, and will no longer be president of Student Council. Britton Johnson will take on the position next quarter, and a new vice-president will be elected.



ASWCC Council meetings are held every Thursday in SSC 216 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.




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Council Notes

Syre “Quiet” Center

Student council discussed how the changes in upstairs Syre regulations have affected the noise level as well as student feedback. Changing the word “study” to “quiet” was discussed with the intention of encouraging a quiet space without restricting activities to studying only.

Communication Club Money Motion

The Communication Club requested $1,000 to attend the annual Northwest Communication Association conference in April. To be voted on this week.

Engineering Club Money Motion

The Engineering Club requested $670 to begin working on building a stratospheric weather balloon, which they will then use to take video of the atmosphere at 1000 feet. To be voted on next week.

Phi Theta Kappa Money Motion

Phi Theta Kappa requested $1,282.72 to attend the Spring Regional Conference in March. To be voted on next week.

Queer-Straight Alliance Money Motion

The QSA requested $2,415.89 to attend the Power of One conference in April. To be voted on next week.

IT Professionals of Tomorrow Money Motion

The IT Professionals of Tomorrow requested $2,864 to attend the Cyber Defense Competition in March. To be voted on next week.

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Council Notes


The Teachers of Tomorrow Club requested $480 to send six of its members to a “Focus on the Children” conference for early childhood education. The motion passed unanimously.


A new club, the Philosophy Club, was recognized. Tim Watters is the club’s adviser. The club requested the standard $100 new club startup allocation, and the motion passed unanimously.


A proposed club, the International Sports Club, was recognized. The club will exist to encourage students to exercise together, especially as a means for international students to make friends and help break the language barrier by playing sports, a universal language. The club requested $100 as  a startup allocation, and the motion passed unanimously.


Council vice president John Laigaie is stepping down from his position at the end of fall quarter.  Laigaie said he has enjoyed working with everyone on student council. “I’ll miss you all,” he said.


Concerns were voiced over the behavior problems of students using the upstairs of the Syre Student Center. Complaints ranged from noise level, public displays of affection, inappropriate elevator usage, and messes made by students. If the situation continues to decline it may force college administration to become involved. Potentially, the area may become off limits to use as a place to hang out, council vice president John Laigaie said. “If it doesn’t improve, it’s gone,” he said.

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