December 3, 2013

Student club recognitions

Jessica Duncan, the director of clubs and organizations, announced that the Veteran’s Club and the Chess Club have been certified by the Student Senate. Four clubs have also been re-certified by the senate: Queer Straight Alliance, Sustainability Club, French Club, and Teachers of Tomorrow.

Library student supplies funding request

A motion was passed to spend $60 on paper clips and a heavy-duty Swingline stapler for student use in the library.

Student senate interview process

A motion was passed to implement an interview process for new senate members in the future. There was a concern that students have joined the senate to receive an easy paycheck in the past. The interview process will help to find applicants that are serious about the position, and have a vested interest in taking the position seriously.

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November 12, 2013

Sandwich boards

A motion was unanimously passed to spend $1,280 on 10 sandwich boards for student clubs. These will be purchased from a local sign company.

Black and Brown Summit

A motion was unanimously passed to spend $351.25 to send 17 students to Highline Community College to attend the “Black and Brown Summit” on Nov. 16. The money will be used for transportation and a meal for the students.

Student government jackets

The student senate discussed purchasing jackets for senate members in order to achieve a more professional image when attending conferences and events. This will be further discussed at the next senate meeting.

Student Life will host a barbecue and club information fair to welcome students back to campus on Wed. Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Syre courtyard.

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October 29, 2013

Council Notes:

Voter registration

A non-profit volunteer came to Whatcom to  register voters, and will come periodically throughout the quarter.

Funding Proposal for English Faculty Workshop- A motion was passed to fund two students and a faculty member to the Two-Year College English Association National Council of English Teachers conference. The two students needed $289.60. Motion was passed with nine yes votes, zero against, and six abstaining votes.

Late Nights At The Library-

The library staff asked for $625 for snack ingredients and drinks to continue late night at the library this year. The library will stay open one hour later four nights each quarter for three quarters during finals week, and offer snacks and drinks for students. Motion was passed with 15 yes votes, zero against, and one abstaining vote.

Veteran’s Breakfast-

Catherine Chambers asked for $611 to have a veterans breakfast on campus. Half of the money will come from the student body, and the other half will come from the Whatcom Foundation. Motion was passed with 15 yes votes, zero against, and one abstaining vote.


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Council Notes

Name Plates
A motion was made to spend $216.52 on name plates for the executive council members. It was passed.

Movie Tickets
A motion was made to purchase discounted movie tickets from Regal Cinemas for $8 each in quantities of 100, to be resold on campus.

Study Space
A student complained that there are not enough quiet spaces to study at on campus. Linda Lambert suggested various options to improve study spaces.

Ballot Box
A motion was made to spend $1246.67 on a ballot box, to be placed on campus.

ASWCC Senate meetings are held every Thursday in SSC 216 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Council Notes

Digital Sign in Syre
A motion was passed to spend $12,000 on a digital sign to be placed in Syre Student Center.

Office Computers in Student Life
A motion was passed to spend $1,024 on two new computers for the Student Life office, to accommodate new executive members on Student Council next year.

Budget Presentation
The Budget and Finance Committee gave a presentation of changes made to the Student Life budget, which includes Student Council, activities, publications, athletics, event support, services, and all clubs and organizations, among other things. The budget increased by $55,000 for the 13/14 school year.

Council Appointments
The executive council member appointments were announced for next year. Lucas Nydam will be the president, Marco Morales will be vice-president, Allie Smith will be the director of operations, Jessica Duncan will be the director of clubs and outreach as well as the tenure committee, and Justin Ferguson, Alitzel X. Jimenez Fonseca, Abram Gates and Karan Malhotra will be the campus leadership coordinators.

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