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Oct. 21 & Nov. 4 Senate Notes

ASWCC Notes:
October 21 & November 4, 2016
The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College meets on Fridays during fall quarter. All students and faculty are welcome to attend the senate meetings which are held from 4-5 p.m. in the Syre Auditorium.

New Business:
Director of Clubs- Evelyne Mugabe: Finished club training, attended student connections meeting, finalized goals sheet.
Director of operation- Anisa Alvin: Assembled S&A fee committee. Helped at men’s soccer game.
Director of Legislative Affairs- Edgar Neri: Finished voter registration, received the WACTCSA Legislative Agenda and made a work plan for a reflection room, met college council, helped at men’s soccer game.
Vice President- Yohaly Camacho: Worked on creating Student Leading Change Committee agenda which meets on October 28.
Director of Campus Advocacy- Jackie Rumble: Worked with BFET and OPP Grant Personnel on food pantry needs. Began organizing Students Leading Change Conference.
President- Jarrett Martin: Met with State Representative Luanne Van Werven to finalize negotiations with WTA about the bus pass integration, worked on food pantry expansion.
Director of Administrative Affairs- Faith Franke: worked on meeting minutes layout, and worked with volunteer programs, helped at soccer game and attended leadership conference.

WTA Bus Pass Information
Change will begin Winter Quarter and will add $20 on to tuition
The change will add a second 232 bus and give an estimated net gain of 28 thousand dollars a year.
The change will also reduce cost for students by half and lessen parking congestion on campus.

Funding Requests
Late Nights at the Library: Library requested $750 to replace broken water heater and for snack expenses for finals week.

Motion: Passed (Senate: 7-0-3, Board 6-0-0)

Contingency Fund Request: Aspiring club looking to open $100 account to advertise new clubs forming around campus.

Motion: Denied (Senate: 0-6-3, Board: 1-1-4)

Second Contingency Request: Aspiring club looking to open $15 account to advertise new clubs forming around campus

Motion: Tabled until next meeting (Senate: 8-0-2, Board: 0-1-5)
The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 18.

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Senate notes 2/11/14

Tutoring Services funding proposal

A motion was made to give $5,510 to Tutoring Services to provide networking for 10 computers and a printer. The motion was not passed. The senate decided to let the budget committee handle the request and further discuss it in hopes of passing a future motion.

Students of Color Conference

A motion was passed granting $3,775 to the Ethnic Student Association for a trip to the Students of Color Conference in Yakima this April.

Finals Relief

A motion was passed to spend $608.08 on snacks for students during winter quarter’s final’s week. The finals relief tables will be available for students Mar. 24-27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Transfer Fair refreshments

A motion was passed to spend $225 on refreshments for Whatcom’s Transfer Fair.

IT Professionals Club

In a unanimous decision, the Student Senate passed a motion to give $2774.24 to the IT Professionals Club to attend the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition in March.

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December 3, 2013

Student club recognitions

Jessica Duncan, the director of clubs and organizations, announced that the Veteran’s Club and the Chess Club have been certified by the Student Senate. Four clubs have also been re-certified by the senate: Queer Straight Alliance, Sustainability Club, French Club, and Teachers of Tomorrow.

Library student supplies funding request

A motion was passed to spend $60 on paper clips and a heavy-duty Swingline stapler for student use in the library.

Student senate interview process

A motion was passed to implement an interview process for new senate members in the future. There was a concern that students have joined the senate to receive an easy paycheck in the past. The interview process will help to find applicants that are serious about the position, and have a vested interest in taking the position seriously.

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November 12, 2013

Sandwich boards

A motion was unanimously passed to spend $1,280 on 10 sandwich boards for student clubs. These will be purchased from a local sign company.

Black and Brown Summit

A motion was unanimously passed to spend $351.25 to send 17 students to Highline Community College to attend the “Black and Brown Summit” on Nov. 16. The money will be used for transportation and a meal for the students.

Student government jackets

The student senate discussed purchasing jackets for senate members in order to achieve a more professional image when attending conferences and events. This will be further discussed at the next senate meeting.

Student Life will host a barbecue and club information fair to welcome students back to campus on Wed. Oct. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Syre courtyard.

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