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Masquerade dance is a ball

By Naira Gonzales Aranda

Whatcom Community College students attended the Masquerade ball at Whatcom Saturday, Jan. 28. Organized through Student Life as, “an event for students to have fun,” Ella Mathews said. “We actually hadn’t had a dance here in the last like 20 years.”
Pryada Kuankitpaisan said, “I’m most excited to meet new people,” as she put her mask on to go into the ball. Continue reading Masquerade dance is a ball

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Willie’s Journey: Just keep swimming

By Shelby Ford

Willie the Orca has made it to the Elite Eight of the Northwest Athletic Conference’s mascot challenge.
The mascot challenge is a five-week competition for a $1,000 prize that will go to purchasing a new costume. Willie is currently No. 7 in the rankings, and moving into Week 3.

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Orcas hope for victory

By Justin Busby

Tightly contested games have the Whatcom women in danger of a short season but new additions could bolster the lineup for the second half.
The Whatcom women’s basketball team has worked incredibly hard every minute on the court, however it may not be enough as the team sits tied for sixth with seven games remaining in the regular season.

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