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Activities Calender

March 14
Physical Therapist Assistant Information Session, Kulshan 226, 3-5:00pm.

March 15
Financial Aid Priority Application Deadline.
Athletics Celebration, Pavilion Gum, 4:30pm.

March 16
Music Department Winter Concert, Heiner Theatre, 7:30-9pm.

March 17
50th aniversary Exhibition Opening Reception @ Whatcom Museum, 5-7pm.

March 18-31
50th anniversary Exhibition @ Whatcom Museum.

March 21
Medical Assisting information, Kulshan 205, 3:30-5pm.

March 22
Massage practitioner information 3:30-5pm, Kulshan 205.

March 28
FHS RUnning Star Information Session, 6-8pm.

March 29
Orientation to online learning, LDC, 4-5:30pm.

April 3
Whatcom Wave, new student orientation, 9am-1pm, Syre

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But, where do you get your protein?


By Craig Gabrielson

I’ve heard a lot of different words used to describe me and my vegan diet; extremist, hippie, tree-hugger, naïve – the list goes on. Then add my military background, where red-blooded, steak-eating, beer-drinking masculinity is a point of pride for most. Believe me, I’ve heard my fair share of ridicule. There are other words, that I believe, and evidence shows are far more accurate: sustainable, healthy, and ethical. Continue reading But, where do you get your protein?

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Koenig holds a talk on current relations with Russia

By Naira Gonzales Aranda

Former US Ambassador John M Koenig gave a presentation at Whatcom regarding our relationship with Russia and past/current events.
Koenig went over what started the deterioration in the relations between Moscow and other Western capitals, the first Cold War, where we’re at now and the brewing of a “new Cold War,” as well as NATO’s part in all of this, all the way up to our current standing.
Koenig went over the first Cold War, happening after World War II dating as early as 1947 and as late as 1991. Continue reading Koenig holds a talk on current relations with Russia

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New marine biology class makes a splash

By Craig Gabrielson

Marine biology is making its debut this spring quarter at Whatcom. Biology 159 studies basic biological principles applied to the marine environment, according to the course description on Whatcom’s website.
In the past, Whatcom offered Biology 130, a three-credit course titled, Intertidal Marine Ecology.

Continue reading New marine biology class makes a splash

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Whatcom holds first Health and Wellness Fair

By Justin Busby

Whatcom’s first ever Health & Wellness Fair was hosted in the Pavilion’s gym and team rooms during the late morning and early afternoon on Wed. March 8.
The fair featured over a dozen info tables designed to educate students with visual aids and details on a wide variety of well-being topics like CPR, STD’s, and health insurance. Volunteers at these booths also opened up conversations with Whatcom students and supplied students with health care advice, disaster preparation, even safe contact numbers for potential emergencies.

Continue reading Whatcom holds first Health and Wellness Fair

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