Local discounts for students

By Naira Gonzales Aranda

Student discounts continue to grow as local food markets, online stores, gyms, and even public transportation jump on the Whatcom student discount advantages.

Grocery stores such as Whole Foods offer a 10 percent discount on everything, every Tuesday. The Food Co-op offers a 5 percent discount on all food items on Wednesdays as well,

“So feel free to do all your grocery shopping here Wednesdays,” said an employee.

“Every last Thursday of the month, the Grocery Outlet offers a 10% discount on everything except beer and wine,” said manager Garret Mchugh.

The Whatcom Bookstore sells movie tickets for $8.75 saving students about two dollars.

“We sell approximately 500 tickets a quarter,” Jon Spores the bookstore director said. Spores added, “We are also going to start doing Whatcom Wednesdays with discounts on WCC items and sports gear.”

“No way. I didn’t know you got so many discounts,” Maria Gonzalez, a freshman at Whatcom said.

Popular online stores such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon, also offer student discounts.

Students can get the newest version of Microsoft Office 365 for free by using the Whatcom student email which the student’s username followed by @student.whatcom.edu.

The Whatcom Authority Transportation now offers unlimited bus rides by showing a valid student Orca card.


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