Letter From the Editor

The spring; renewal.

A time for new beginning,

Soft clouds, gentle rain,

Flowers sprouting in their beds.

A time for writing tanka.


The concrete courtyard

Fills with students new and old,

Coming and going

Under the grey and blue sky

With books clutched under their arms.


The students and staff

Celebrate with poetry


As the world renews itself,

And new beginnings abound.


On the Horizon,

Gabriella Corrigan

Dances, and we write

The world on fragile paper

Like new spring leaves on the trees.


Enjoy the paper;

Read every word, and learn of

Technology grants,

Meditation, law classes,

The IT desk, and much more!


As the spring begins,

Changes show in all things, and

On the Horizon,

A new editor is born,

While an older one moves on.


Keep this to remind

Of a time when I was here,

When I wrote to you,

Made a salute to poems,

Introduced the Horizon. 


Auf Wiedersehen für heute!


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