Kelsey Goes Kiwi (#3)

Dear Washingtonians,

My trip is slowly winding down to an end and although I love my New Zealand family, I’m ready to come home because I miss everybody so much.

Since my last letter I’ve just been enjoying the day-to-day life of living in New Zealand.  We did go on an overnight trip to Napier, which is an “art deco” town, which means that all of the buildings are pastel colored.  It was actually quite neat.

Besides going to an aquarium in Napier, there were two highlights to the trip.

  1. We had just finished eating our lunch at a Café.  There were many little birds that once a group left their table, the birds would swoop in and steal some of their leftovers.  Well, 15 birds went for one piece of bread and ended up fighting for it and dragging it into the road. 

Can you see where this story is going?

Anyway, these little birds managed to dodge the cars whenever they drove by…until one little bird wasn’t so lucky.  He got hit.  And of course, he didn’t instantly die.  He lay on his back in the street trying to get up but being unable to.  At this point everybody was so sad for this little bird.  But then, the little bird hadn’t even been laying in the street for 5 seconds when out of nowhere, like the twist you don’t expect at the end of a movie, came a seagull that swooped, picked up MOST of the little bird, carried it off, and ate it!  We were so disturbed and shocked!

        2. While leaving for Napier, it started to rain.  It really hasn’t rained hard here since November so the ground has been really dry.  Well, what ended up happening is it POURED and since it poured on the way home while driving through the gorge we experienced flooding, mudslides, and rockslides that crossed the road.  It was INTENSE!

Now with leaving on Sunday, there are a few things I still really want to do, so I’m going ot try to squeeze them all in.  Body boarding, fishing (because I’ve never caught a fish before!), taking my family out to a nice dinner. That’s just to name a few.

Have a good week Whatcom! See you on the other side (of my 14 hour plane trip that is)!

Kelsey Rowlson


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